3 Reasons to try the Adventure Slovenia

Despite having amazing natural beauty, Central Europe especially Slovenia is still not monitored much from the “radar” of travellers. Whereas in Slovenia, you can try the adventure Slovenia that is extreme and can drive adrenaline for adventurers who like challenges.

In an area of ​​less than one-tenth of the UK, you can find towering mountains, lakes, vast caves, elegant cities, and beautiful rivers for adventure Slovenia. Surely this could be an interesting adventure Slovenia which you will continue to remember in your  old age, right?

Here are three reasons to visit Slovenia:

1. The beauty of Lake Bled

If you type Slovenia in the search engine, the picture that you immediately find is Lake Bled. This lake is a beauty icon of Slovenia, with a small church on its island and snowy mountain views as a backdrop.

On Lake Bled, there are many possibilities that you can choose from to best experience the adventure Slovenia. You can breathe the fresh air of the mountains while sliding into the lake with a small boat or rowboat, swimming in it, canyoning, or even hiking to the hills to enjoy the magnificent scenery.

2. City of Ljubljana

Some European capitals may appear excessive, unfriendly, or even ugly when you first set foot, but this is not a case with Ljubljana, which is clustered in the pedestrian area on the river side of Ljubljanica.

For stunning views, use small binoculars to see the city from the top of the Ljubljana Castle. You can also enjoy good food at one of the  top restaurants there, named Gostilna Na Gradu and Strelec.

3. Rafting on the Soca River

The Soca River is another paradise to continue your adventure Slovenia and it is a perfect place for all water sports enthusiasts. The current flows through the canyons, plunging, and splitting the pine hills, presenting an interesting scene for all adventure Slovenia fans, combining sports adrenaline and the natural beauty. The area around the Soca River offers many opportunities for canyoning, rafting, canoeing and river boarding.