Thailand Officially Restores the Use of Cannabis, But for Health Use

The Thai Parliament has just legalized the use of marijuana for health purposes. The law for legalizing marijuana in Thailand for Medical Marijuana purpose was approved starting Tuesday (12/25/2018).

The chairman of the drafting committee changes the law regarding the legalization of marijuana, Somchai Sawangkarn said this was done for the government and people of Thailand.

Previously, in the land of the White Elephant in around the 1930s, marijuana was legalized to relieve pain and fatigue. However, the ban on using marijuana in Thailand has occurred since the creation of the Narcotics Act in 1979.

With the amendment to the law on Tuesday, the Thai people are now allowed to use marijuana again. However, the use of Recreational Marijuana or pleasure purposes is still prohibited in this country. Nevertheless, this was still welcomed by several advocates of legalizing marijuana in Thailand.

They hope that the legalization of marijuana for medical purposes will open permits for the use of addictive ingredients for future recreational purposes.

With this legalization, Thailand became the first Southeast Asian country to allow its people to use marijuana for medical purposes. In contrast to Southeast Asian countries which are famous for the strict rules of cannabis use, a number of countries in the US are free to use them.

As happened in Colombia, Uruguay to Canada, marijuana is not only permitted for medical purposes. Rather, it is also legalized for the sake of recreation or pleasure. Whereas in countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore, cannabis dealers can be subject to the death penalty.